Knight Business Solutions works with individuals and teams to identify their strengths and leverage them to success.  We take a tailored approach to help you develop awareness and design actionable strategies.  The highly-acclaimed Birkman Method® serves as the cornerstone of our practice.  Millions have benefited from the Method since 1950.  Our founder, Marty Knight, has been a Certified Consultant with Birkman since 2003.


Our pricing depends upon your goals and objectives.  The initial discussion is offered without charge.  You have our guarantee that work will not begin until you fully understand the scope and work and your investment.  Our engagement model provides additional detail about how the process works. Pricing is customized to meet the needs of each client.  Competitive rates are available on both an hourly basis or for the full engagement.


We offer four sets of coaching services that cover a multitude of needs.  Specific information regarding each set can be found by following the links below.



Our purpose is to create a safe place where individuals can explore new ideas and opportunities for growth.  We understand that introspection often requires vulnerability.  It’s difficult to find a non-threatening environment in which you can gain insight and build confidence.  We appreciate the opportunity to create that environment for you.

Our broad range of experience puts us in a position to understand your situation.  Unlock your potential.  Identify and break through the barriers that stand in your way.  Capitalize on your unique personality, gifts, talents and experiences.  Our approach is the answer for some.  Only a face-to-face conversation will tell you if we can be the answer for you.  Let’s meet and find out!