Listed below are examples of major business integration programs managed by our resources:

Business Integrations

Marketing Technology and Services

Two of largest marketing technology and services firms were merged between the fall of 1999 and the summer of 2001.  The integration resulted in a combined company with revenues of over $700 million annually. Activities within the integration program included the following:

  • A best-of-breed analysis of products and services offered by both companies and deployment of selected products;
  • The integration of data processing, financial, billing and enterprise resource management systems;
  • Relocation of data center resources (mainframe, client server, storage and network systems;
  • Internal training; and
  • Communication to customers and management of their expectations.



We managed the integration program for an Arkansas-based bank following the purchase a Missouri-based bank. The combined enterprise had approximately $2 billion in total assets at integration, 55 total branches, and four loan production offices. Integration activities included:

  • Definition of program structure and identification of projects needed to complete the work efficiently;
  • Integration of internal processes, including human resources and benefits; compliance and internal audit; lending; marketing; and retail.
  • Training for staff being on-boarded; and
  • Participation in the technical system conversion with other third-party contractors.

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