Business Integrations

We have experience with major business integrations following mergers and acquisitions.  Follow this link for details.

Enterprise Systems Implementation

We have successfully implemented and upgraded a number of enterprise-level systems. Follow this link for details.

Process Improvement and Efficiencies

Our resources have training in multiple methodologies used for process improvements. Follow this link for details

Data Center Migrations

Our resources have managed multiple large-scale migrations of data centers across North America.  Follow this link for details.

Project and Program Portfolio

Construction and Facility Migrations

We have acted as owner project manager for multiple large-scale construction efforts. In addition to construction, we have also managed a number of complex facility migrations.  Follow this link for details.  

PMO Deployment

Our resources have experience in the deployment Project Management Offices. Follow this link for details

Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Planning

We have led recovery and planning efforts following natural disasters. Follow this link for details