Construction and Facility Migrations

Campus Construction / Arkansas

This program involved the construction of a four-story office building, separate operations and data center, and three-level parking deck for a Little Rock, Arkansas-based utility. The 180,000 SF office building houses 600 employees and includes a state-of-the-art conference center. The 38,000 SF operations and data center meets the highest standards of redundancy and high-availability. The campus was completed as-designed, on-time - meeting a very aggressive schedule - and $4 million below budget. The selection and installation of furnishings was completed at $2 million below budget.

A seamless transition of data center systems and operations functions was completed without interruption of vital services. This transition included a review and certification of readiness by regulatory authorities at the Federal level.  The migration to the new facility was completed in a 36-hour window by relocating staff and files from three different locations. Stringent security standards were met during the relocation. 

Listed below are summary descriptions of three of the construction and facility migrations we have managed:

Campus Construction / Arizona

Our resources supported the design and construction of a 98,000 SF office building in Phoenix, Arizona.  The facility included office space for 250, break areas and conference rooms, and an 8,000 SF data center. The migration of staff and data center resources was completed flawlessly over a three-day (holiday) weekend, meeting strict technical and security requirements.  The $31 million program was completed on-time, as-scheduled, and on-budget.

Church Facility / Arkansas

We oversaw all aspects of design and construction of a 9,000 SF church facility in Vilonia, Arkansas. Financial restrictions led to an innovative three-phased approach and an accommodating design. The facility includes a auditorium which seats 125, ten classrooms, and a ministry center/fellowship hall.

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