Listed below are summary descriptions of several data center migrations we have managed:

U.S. Domestic (Illinois to Arkansas)

This project involved the relocation of a large data center from the west Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, Illinois to Conway, Arkansas.  The project was executed using both replacement technology and the physical relocation of IT systems and storage. The systems being replaced supported the call center operations of a major retail customer and required a maximum of one hour of downtime.  The relocated systems were brought online following a 15-hour window of downtime.  The project was completed approximately $200,000 below the original project budget of $1.6 million.  Stringent security requirements were met during the physical relocation of systems and storage.  The project was part of a larger integration program following the merger of two large U.S. data providers.

U.S. Domestic (Tennessee to Arkansas)

We oversaw all aspects of a migration of a mid-sized data center from Nashville, Tennessee to Conway, Arkansas.  The majority of the migration was completed logically using replacement technology.  However, a primary set of storage was physically relocated during a negotiated 12-hour window.  The project included the transition of web services for multiple major sport leagues.  The $850,000 budget was met and the project completed as-scheduled.

International (Arizona to Canada)

Our project resources managed the migration of a mid-sized data center from Phoenix, Arizona to Toronto, Canada.  Due to the nature and cost of the systems involved a physical relocation was necessary.  This resulted in the negotiation of customs and taxes as systems were moved from the U.S. to Canada.

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Data Center Migrations