Listed below is summary information on our experience with deployments of enterprise project management offices. These were deployed from a range of different industries such as data management companies, utilities, and banks.  Activities that were considered in-scope were:: 

PMO Deployments

PMO Governance and Needs Identification

The most critical aspect of deploying an project management office (PMO) is the initial determination of what you want to accomplish. Our experience can help you determine what type of PMO is needed:

  • SPECIFIC-PURPOSE PMO: oversees a particular set of work and ceases to exist when the project is completed.

  • SUPPORTING PMO: Assists the enterprise on a regular, but limited, basis.

  • DEPARTMENTAL PMO: Manages work for a specific department or subset of the organization.

  • ENTERPRISE PMO: Manages work from across the enterprise and provides a view of the project portfolio as a whole.

  • EMBEDDED ENTERPRISE PMO: An enterprise PMO that is embedded within the general management processes of the organization such as budgeting, human resource forecasting and strategic objectives.


A second critical decision to be made when deploying a PMO is the methodology. It's very important that the method used to manage projects matches the needs of your organization. A "one size fits all" mindset may cause undue frustration and even failure of your deployment.  We'll help you identify the right method for managing your projects. 

Enterprise Integration

The integration of your PMO within your business can help you with other general management processes, such as budgeting, forecasting of headcount and human resources, and strategic objectives. Our resources can help you understand the advantages of this approach and steer you away from the pitfalls that inevitably arise.

Tools and Support

Software is expensive. The last thing you need is to purchase a costly tool and fail to utilize it.  Gaining buy-in from your management team and staff can be challenging.  We understand that you don't want to create inefficiencies and frustrate your staff by expecting them to use a tool for which they don't see a need.  Let us help you determine which tools you need and how you can support them in a cost-effective manner.

Resource Management

Time-reporting.  Have you ever tried it?  Have you asked your staff to do it, only to have them reject the notion for any number of reasons?  We've all heard - and possibly made - the argument against time-reporting.  It's time-consuming.  It feels as if you're looking over my shoulder.  The data doesn't really mean anything.  One thing is certain: if you fail to tell your staff why you need them to report time, they won't give information that you can trust.  Our resources have been on both sides of this discussion and are ready to help you sell resource management to your staff.

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